TMRC collaborates with the people of the same persuasion on Buddhahood with the full intention of hearing the voices of the locals through having the first hand experiences together. TMRC has been introducing the voices of those locals and the changes that they would like to see in their livelihood, to its community back in Japan. TMRC has developed community services at various nations in Asia such as constructing the sites and the school buildings where the public education had not been provided to the local children along with sending the used bicycles for the children for their long commutes to the school. TMRC has coordinated the donations of the water wells In the response of the written petition from the villages, describing the excessive uses of the rain water causing the eye damage and increasing the eye disease in the villages. TMRC is always in search for the people who is interested in such community oriented service projects in Asia. All the reports since the establishment of 2003 are available to look at. 

Support for the Fukushima nuclear power plant worker's health care administration A sphygmomanometer and a disinfection pure machine are sent to the Tokyo Electric Power J village.

3.11 great-earthquake reconstruction assistance TMRC sees off the student volunteer of reconstruction assistance in the Yamada town, Iwate by bus.

A personal computer and stationery are sent to the children who suffered the damage of the Sumatra TSUNAMI wave.