TMRC encourages your social contribution. Those who say "Would love to do something but, don't know how to...", please contact us. Let's work together.
Below is the examples of some of the development project TMRC has been working on. If you are interested in, please particepate on them.

"Cheers, with clean water" 
The donation project of the water wells to the villages where lack access to the clean water.
The const of the construction of a well: about $300 
The donors' feedbacks often express that how valuable this project is for this price.
Water is pumped up manually from 40m underneath of the ground
Currently, we have constructed 12 water wells in Cambodia and Myammar, and have repaird more than 20 old wells
We build the sign of the well of the name of the donor as well
The water wells we build often turn into the social spot of the villages
"Asia Eco-light Lotus System"
The donation project of the solar panels and lights to health clinics, schools and etc where the public energy does not reach
We named "Lotus system" from the combination of the solar and LED lights
 ●Lotus System (M): about $500
   ・Solar Panel (13×32cm、4,5W×4)
   ・LED Lights (4,5W-40W×4)
 ●Lotus System (S): about $200
   ・Solar Panel (13×32cm, 4,5 W)
   ・LED Lights(4,5W-40W×1)
"Schools for kids in Asia"
Rural areas in Asia still do not have schools for children.
1school (5 classrooms + 1extra room for the storage and etc): about $3,5000
There are 6 schools have been donated upto now in Myammar and Cambodia
Usually the donors stay in touch with those schools, check the progress of the education, and go back to communicate with the students and often leave donation of the school supplies
"Smily Library"
Every year we send picture books to the children in those Asian countries and other devastated area from natural disasters. Last year on 2010 we have sent picture books and school supplies, equivalent to $1,000 to Haiti after the earthquake as well.
We are having a drive to gather sponsors for this charity
$100 / year
"Fair Trade Goods"
We support people who suffer under the poverty, from purchasing their handmade artcrafts.
The phots on the both sides are handmade keyholder crafted by the wifes of the Shakya tribe in Nepal. "Karuna (mercy)"$5/one. This would be equivalent to the cost of the food for one couple of the day
We also purchace the skirfs of Pashimiya $50 and the jeweries of natural jade from $3
Please look at our heartful handcraft fair trade goods.

TMRC is always looking for new members.

If you are interested in what we do and working together, would you become a member of TMRC and participate in the development project in Asia?

Both individual and coorporate members are categorized in a full member, an associate member (participate in our development projects), and a philantropic member (financial aids for our projects).

〔Membership Fee〕

(1) Individual member
 ・Full member    Entrance Fee: $100   Annual Fee: $100
 ・Associate member    Entrance Fee: none   Annual Fee: $50  
 ・Philanthropic member  Entrance Fee: none   Annual Fee: $50~

(2) Cooporate member
 ・Full member    Entrance Fee: $300   Annual Fee: $300
 ・Associate member    Entrance Fee: $300   Annual Fee: $300  
 ・Philanthropic member  Entrance Fee: $300   Annual Fee: $50~

 Budget account
 ・Name: " NPO TMRC"
 ・Bank: "Gumma Bank Head Quater Checking 2134150"

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