TMRC was originally a network of Buddhist ministers, who have been actively executing the practice of Vihara at local shelters of Hansen disease patients. The practice of Vihara is providing service of mental relaxation and comfort based on the Buddhist philosophy. In order to cater their Vihara service to the continent, TMRC was established as a non-profit organization with the participations of doctors, professors, principles, students, and etc. in 2003. Since then, TMRC's activities has expanded from mental relaxation service to the improvement of the community through constructing health clinics, schools, and water wells in other Asian countries, such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Laos, Myammar, Cambodia, and Bangladesh.

Office 1024 Soudja, Souja-machi, Maebashi, Gunma, Japan
Established date 5/13/2003
With the experiences of the Vihara practice, TMRC operates as an organization who execute the non-profit projects such as:
(1)to extend medical and welfare servieces
 (2)to seek human rights and world peace
 (3)to corporate to sustainable development
 (4)to support other groups which share similar missions and purporse with us

 In order to reach those purposes, this organization executes such projects below:
 ①establishing health clinics abroad and improve cares and preventions
 ②enlightening for human rights and peace through international corporations
 ③publishing articles and magazines about the topics related to our purposes
 4 fundraising for these projects

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